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May 2021

Tom Reock is a Singer/Songwriter, Performer, Producer, Arranger & Engineer based in Central New Jersey. With 47 years of performing experience, Tom Reock has been primarily a keyboardist with many bands that he either fronted or as a sideman.

He was the founder of the Jazz-Rock-Funk original band DOWN TO EARTH through it’s many incarnations starting 1977, the replacement keyboardist in TC Records artists CHEATER JONES in the mid 1980’s, Frontman/Singer of R&B horn band, THE WHITEWALLS from 1988-1992, a founding member of The J-WALKERS featuring Johnny Bushnell & Mark Sacco beginning in 1992 and the Keyboardist with Legendary Trenton Guitarist ERNIE WHITE from 1995 through 2018.


Reock is also the founding member of annual performance group, THE REOCK & ROLL REVUE. For the last 13 years, the Revue has performed over 16 Classic Rock albums in a theatre setting to Sold-Out audiences. Tom Reock has been the musical and video director of all of these shows, combining his love of the classic album and the history behind the making of that album.


Tom Reock has released 4 Albums worth of original material since 1992. Starting with 1992’s MAINESTAYE, 2000’s LOST HIPPIE, 2006’s THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN ANALOG & KID DIGITAL(with Mark Sacco), and the most recent, 2018’s ROLL ON.


Tom Reock is also the Owner/Operator of SQUIRREL RANCH STUDIO.

Starting in 2004, Squirrel Ranch has produced over 40 full length CD’s as well as hundreds of short demo tapes. 

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